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Here`s the release of a new patch for all language versions of SpellForce, fixing some minor problems and logic issues. Also, the new netcode is now really capable of handling several players with different language versions, both in coop and pvp games. The problem with Gold Edition and the second addon, Shadow of the Phoenix, making internet games impossible, was fixed too.

Please keep in mind, that the patch includes several maps (Coop_43_dark_Kathai, Coop_43_light_Kathai, Questplace) for the second Add-On "Shadow of the Phoenix". If you try to load one of these without having the second AddOn installed, your system will crash.

The patch is available in two versions: A small one (16MB) for all of those already playing Shadow of the Phoenix, and a large one (58MB) for all other SpellForce fans. To obtain them, visit our

Update-Patch (Versions 1.5x or higher)
Full Patch (Versions below 1.5x)

3DGamers (both Patches)

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