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The Order of Dawn - MP3
“Order of Dawn” is played as soon as the player’s avatar encounters the Order of Dawn, and will serve as musical theme whenever the player sets foot on the Orders territory. The Order of Dawn owns land and facilities throughout the known regions of the world.

Era of the Orcs - MP3
The “Era of the Orcs” is an anthem to the terrifying forces of evil. If you ever have the doubtful pleasure of listening to this ode, you are either very brave, or … In any way, be prepared!

Sharrowdale - MP3
Sharrowdale is an area in the region of Urgath at the foot of the Obsidian mountain. Deceiving the beholder with its superficial loveliness, it hides treacherous swamps and murderous creatures beneath the cover of its thick foliage. This is where one of the decisive battles will be fought.

Soundtrack: Breath of Winterback to top

Here we go again: Not only SpellForce is accompanied by a great soundtrack, the Add-On Breath of Winter has perfect tunes, too! So we start with the mp3 release of the music that will frighten, motivate and enlighten you. Enjoy it!


Enchanted Plains

Grims Betrayal



The Nevershade_Frontier





Master of the Runes

Winter Deep

Lost in the Cold

Aryns Battle

Credits Soundtrack

Return of Cenwen

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